Mountain Readiness - Special Events Training

Troysgate welcomes and invites members of the Mountain Readiness Group to participate and attend Troysgate Special Events Training. We have designed and developed a specialized training program and incorporated the types of live-fire, deadly encounter situations and applications that an individual like yourself might encounter out in the real world.

Mountain Readiness - Special Events Training is open to anyone in the Mountain Readiness group. Here is a brief rundown of what you need to know and consider before signing up for training:

  • Training is open and limited to 30 attendees each day on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • An attendee may only sign up and take one day of training.
  • The cost for a day of training is $360, however we are offering Mountain Readiness members' a discount where your cost is only $300 - you must pre-pay to receive the discount offer.
  • Anyone interested in attending special events training must go through the Troysgate 3-step training approval process - Enrollment, Registration and Pre-payment before being allowed to take our training.

Troysgate 3-Step Training Approval Process

  • Step-1 Enrollment: Each attendee must complete and submit the Troysgate Attendee Enrollment Form. This is a fillable PDF form. You may fill it out on the website and download it after you have completed the PDF form, or you may download the PDF form onto your computer to be filled out later when you have time. The completed PDF form must be emailed back to Randy Martin ( You must receive a Troysgate approval confirmation email before registering for special events training.
  • Step-2 Registration: When you receive the Troysgate Attendee Enrollment Approval Confirmation email, go the to the Special Events Training Dates & Registration web page to register for training.
  • Step-3 Pre-Payment: When you receive the Troysgate Special Events Training Confirmation email, go to the Pay by Venmo web page to pre-pay for training.

About our Facility

  • Training is outdoors (covered ranges) - shoot house, vehicle stop and very close quarters training applications
  • Classroom for training discussions, training brief/de-brief, and training sessions video playback.
  • Lunch provided at no additional cost (we generally grill hamburgers and hot dogs) - bottled water and sodas available
  • Bathroom on-site

What to Bring

  • Handgun and Holster
  • 100 Rounds of Ammo
  • Eye and Hearing Protection (we have available if needed)

Overnight Accommodations

If you are planning or need to stay overnight, please contact Randy Martin for lodging accommodation information.