Data provided by Troysgate Analytics

Troysgate recognizes the importance of science and involvement of expertise across scientific, academic and medical disciplines to further the pursuit, understanding and the effects of Troysgate's methods and situational conditioning on the participant.

We are actively involved in the ongoing development as a vendor of U.S. government and law enforcement scientific studies.

Biofeedback Technology & Data

Troysgate Analytics provides biofeedback data collection capabilities utilizing scientific technologies, biofeedback instrumentation systems and methods during Troysgate situational conditioning. Biofeedback data collection includes the following data:

  • Electromyograph (EMG) - detects muscle action potentials from underlying skeletal muscles that initiate muscle contraction
  • Feedback Thermometer - detects skin temperature with a thermistor (a temperature-sensitive resistor)
  • Electrodermograph (EDG) - measures skin electrical activity directly (skin conductance and skin potential) and indirectly (skin resistance - galvanic skin response (GSR))
  • Electroencephalograph (EEG) - measures the electrical activation of the brain from scalp sites located over the human cortex
  • Photoplethysmograph (PPG) - measures the relative blood flow through a digit using a photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor and data such as blood volume pulse (BVP) and heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) - measures the electrical activity of the heart and heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Rheoencephalography (REG) or brain blood flow biofeedback is a biofeedback technique of a conscious control of blood flow
  • Eye Tracking - captures eye movement, focal and pupil activity

Assessment of Biofeedback Data Collection Capabilities

Troysgate Analytics biofeedback instrumentation testing and evaluation of biofeedback data collection at the Troysgate facility.

1. Participant being tethered up to biofeedback instrumentation.


2. Biofeedback instrumentation calibration prior to testing.


3. Participant equipped with eye-tracking technology during Troysgate situational conditioning: Watch Eye-Tracking Video

4. Biofeedback instrumentation systems


Troysgate Research

Troysgate situational conditioning is based on science. It is a powerful resource used to replicate, re-create or create close-combat and close-encounter deadly conflict situations. Through ongoing participant testing and situational conditioning utilizing specialized Troysgate Transporter Units, we are able to closely observe participant interactions and responses. This provides us with an opportunity to continue to learn and understand more about human behavior during close-combat and close-encounter deadly conflict.

Example of the Unpredictability of Human Behavior: a participant exhibits unexpected, unpredicable behavior and response as a result of extreme emotional stress induced during Troysgate situational conditioning utilizing of one of the specialized Troysgate Transport Units. Watch Unpredictable Behavior Video

Our observations of participant human behavior provide us with opportunities to raise questions why something has happened, so that we are able to understand the underlying issues, such as the:

As we continue to explore the science of the human brain and mind through the application and knowledge we obtain from our scientific research, we are able to advance and extend our learning and understanding of the:

Our scientific research allows us to look for and address specific issues to discover and find answers, which allows us further advance our capabilities and expertise. Troysgate efforts and understanding of the science of the human mind is the driving force behind our passion and dedication to always think "outside the box." We will always continue to be on the leading edge of discovery, learning and understanding of new ideas, to apply, develop, test, evaluate and integrate them into Troysgate Transporter Units and our situational conditioning methods.