The Troysgate Patented Methodology

Addressing the Challenges Associated with Deadly Conflict

Custom Designed Structures & Programs

Provide the capabilities for:
• The Screening and Assessment of Applicants
• The Control of Combat Aggressiveness
• Situational Understanding
• Proper Decision-Making under Extreme Stress
• Preparation and Conditioning of the Warfighter for Deadly Conflict
• The Use of Unmodified Firearms and Live Ammunition in a Controlled, Safe Environment
• Dynamic Interactions Utilizing Real People as Role Players

Troysgate Goals & Objectives

Committed to improving combat preparedness, performance, lethality, survivability and resiliency of our nation’s warfighters.

Fact: Historically, warfighters in close quarters combat zones account for nearly 90% of the casualties, while U.S. government personnel policies, advances in training methods and equipment have not kept pace with changes and advancements in available technology, human factors science and talent management best practices.

The Troysgate Difference

Troysgate proof of concept video. Video can be downloaded from the website to computer - "right click" on the video during playback, select option to "Save video as..." and specify the location on the computer.

Our classified, patented methodology provides the capability to expose and immerse the warfighter in realistic deadly conflict situations in a controlled, safe environment.

The method is highly effective and "tricks" the warfighter into believing the deadly conflict situation is real. The realism activates the human survival portion of the brain challenging the warfighter to exercise all resources - knowledge, skills and abilities - to overcome the threat.

Our Expectations of Our Warfighters

That they will...
• Make logical decisions because they have all the information they need
• Not use deadly force unless allowed by the rules of engagement
• Only use the necessary level of force required
• Do what any reasonable and prudent person would do in a deadly conflict situation
• Act and respond accordingly because they have passed all requirements and certifications

Our Responsibility - Preserving Life

How many of our Warfighters are killed in the Line of Duty?... to Suicide?

Our Responsibility - Providing Assistance to the Warfighter

The damaging consequences of deadly conflict may promote severe mental and emotional scarring of the warfighter. We must be fully prepared and committed to help them manage the "demons" that they bear within them selves.

The Warfighter Conditioning & "Reset" Cycle

The pre-deployment preparation and conditioning of the warfighter is critial for combat engagement.

However, the welfare of the warfighter extends beyond the battlefield experience. It is imperative that each warfighter receive additional conditioning where possible during deployment after each deadly conflict engagement.

Warfighters returning home from combat duty should receive additional conditioning to "reset" the warfighter as they resume their normal daily lives and duties.

Dave Grossman, Lt. Col. USA (ret.) author of On Combat and On Killing

"I believe that the Troysgate Lab is one of the most innovative and effective performance methods available today.  I am truly impressed by what they are doing and I recommend their method to anyone who must prepare for a deadly force engagement."

The Troysgate Lab Solution

Implementing Warfighter Mental Conditioning Methodology

Overmatch: The Trained, Mental Conditioned & Experienced Warfighter

The preparedness and readiness of the warfighter relies on the individual's knowledge, skills and proficiency levels, and abilities acquired through extensive training, learning and experience. The true challenge and test of warfighter combat readiness and performance is realized in combat on the battlefield. The warfighter that is capable of executing and performing at the highest performance level will be more lethal, and achieve greater mission success and survivability. However, the impact, effect, intensity and duration of combat engagements on the warfighter can be extreme, mentally challenging and potentially overwhelming, and over time can diminish the combat effectiveness of the warfighter. In severe combat situations, it may cause damaging emotional consequences to include Combat Action Response and PTSD issues.

The mental and emotional aspects of combat and its affects on the warfighter contribute to the warfighter's immediate and long-term performance, effectiveness, resiliency and sustainability in combat. Every warfighter to some extent is controlled by their own mental state and wellbeing. In combat, the warfighter's mental state can mean the difference and contributing factor in situations that result in the loss of life, and the ability to reach combat mission objectives.

Mental conditioning provides promising answers and solutions to many known warfighter combat related problems, issues and concerns. It is also an important, key element in the ability for the advancement of the warfighter with regard to performance, lethality, survivability and resiliency. The human brain is the control center and a properly conditioned mind is necessary for the human body to be able to function at optimum capacity and efficiency. The benefits and advantages of the warfighter's ability to maintain the mental edge in combat include:


Close-combat overmatch is the ability of each warfighter and their squad or unit to impose its will on a similar sized opponent under all conditions and operational environments. The ability to reach overmatch is the successful combination of warfighter performance, lethality, survivability and resiliency.

Performance and Lethality

Warfighter performance and lethality are dependent on each other and directly proportional. Warfighter training, preparation and experience establish a baseline of the warfighter's level of performance. Combat engagement may effect warfighter response effectiveness and the ability to perform at optimal levels. Proper mental conditioning preparation prior to deployment would benefit the warfighter and provide higher performance level potential, expectations and results in combat.


The warfighter that is able to perform at higher levels of performance will be more effective and lethal, and have greater potential to control the battlefield and incapacitate their opponent with fewer casualties.


The resilient warfighter has the ability to manage and adjust to combat situations, and the ability to mitigate the unintended, harmful and damaging effects of combat. Mental conditioning is highly effective in the addressing warfighter resiliency during the combat tour of duty and after returning home. Mental conditioning will improve the warfighter's cognitive abilities and help mitigate unintented and potentially damaging issues associated with combat.

• Clearer thinking, assessment and decision-making
• Rapid, controlled and conditioned response
• Promotes positive attitude and productivity
• Helps adjust returning home - getting back to a normal life and routine

• Effects of combat stress and battle fatigue
• Effects of psychological warfare
• Severe emotional consequences of combat including PTSD, drugs, alcohol and suicide

In terms of survivability and resiliency, each contribute to the success and longevity of the warfighter. The loss of each warfighter in combat, or as a result of combat is the permanent loss of the warfighter and the sacrifice and tremendous value of the individual, the cost and expense to train and prepare, and the undetermined loss of institutional knowledge and combat experience.

Troysgate Lab & Mental Conditioning Methodology

The success in the implementation of our mental conditioning methodology is based on our ability to replicate the absolute realism of the close-combat battlefield experience. Then, and only then is the warfighter able to live and become completely immersed in that experience - to see, hear, smell and feel the full effects of close-combat engagement. Troysgate designed and developed the Troysgate Lab to create the warfighter close-combat experience to apply our mental conditioning methodology.

Troysgate Lab Information

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