Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab

The Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab Solution takes training to a new reality... the most realistic and challenging environment possible.

Troysgate has developed a unique training solution, The Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab, that solves a known limitation in the Training Continuum by providing the capstone tier for law enforcement officer "human-on-human" close-encounter deadly conflict situations. The Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab solution provides on-the-job training to prepare and enhance deadly conflict learning. The unknown becomes the known.



Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab has the "Magic" to re-create the unpredictability and dynamics of a volatile situation. This is accomplished by creating the close, intimate and personal experience of the protector engaged in "human-on-human" interaction. The Troysgate Lab solution allows the protector to understand and experience the:

  • Engagement when “face-to-face” with a real emotional situation
  • Emotions and feelings of a close dangerous encounter
  • Personal mental and physiological stress
  • Difficulty of the commitment for the protector to take lethal action
  • Significance and reality of their decisions

Law Enforcement Lab Environment

The Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab environment is available as:

  • Permanent-fixed ("brick & mortar") on-site construction

The permanent on-site construction provides Troysgate Lab Stage customization permitting greater flexibility and wider range of training opportunities, applications and specialization. The selection and number of Troysgate Lab Stages are matched to meet and satisfy specific client training needs, goals and objectives. The Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab solution consist of and include one or more of the following Troysgate Lab Stages:

  1. Close Encounter Lab Stage ** - building or enclcosed structure applications
    (** The Troysgate Minimum Law Enforcement Lab Solution Requirement)
  2. Vehicle Lab Stage - stationary or moving vehicle applications
  3. Sniper Lab Stage (multi-purpose capabilities):
    • Sniper applications
    • Guard Checkpoint applications
    • Open Terrain applications
  4. Trauma Lab Stage - close human trauma situations
  5. Fugitive/Active Shooter Lab Stage
  6. High Value Target Lab Stage

The illustrations below highlight the conceptual design, configuration and construction of the Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab environment and lab stages.

Permanent Close-Encounter Lab Stage

Permanent Vehicle Lab Stage

Movable Sniper Lab Stage

Program & Conditioning Process

The program and conditioning process is controlled by Troysgate personnel. Troysgate will be responsible for providing:

  • Certified personnel (Lab specialist/instructor and role players)
  • Standard safety, instrumentation and operational procedures
  • Close-encounter scenarios - We will work with the client to add, adjust or modify exercise scenarios to met/satisfy training and conditioning goals and objectives
  • Conditioning process ** - Troysgate will establish, implement, manage and monitor the exercise scenario exposures, frequency and duration

** The conditioning process is the most important and critical part of the Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab solution. The conditioning is highly specialized and must be managed by Troysgate personnel. The conditioning process is an exact science that requires consistent implementation and execution.

Lab Solution Breakdown Overview


Budget Planning & Pricing

The Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab solution options for the law enforcement client are highly variable and dependent on several factors:

  • The ability to satisfy specifications, requirements and client training needs, goals and objectives
  • Client location site and building construction considerations
  • Client approval processes - acquisition, procurement and contracting

For budget planning purposes the law enforcement client may review the Troysgate Military Battle Lab pricing options as a ballpark pricing which will be less than the Mobile Battle Lab solution options. The interested law enforcement client should contact Troysgate for more information.

The information below summarizes implementation and ongoing operational costs and support of the Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab solution.

  1. Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab environment (initial cost)
  2. Troysgate screens and consumables items (reorder consumables)
  3. Personnel & Maintenance Support (separate annual contract)

Delivery & Implementation


Law Enforcement Training Opportunities

Law enforcement training and conditioning for close-encounter conflict represents the most challenging situations. Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab solutions provide the best training opportunities for these types of situations.

The ability to provide law enforcement training may represent logistical issues given the location of the law enforcement officer, and the availability and location of Troysgate Law Enforcement Lab solutions. Troysgate expects the implementation of Troysgate Lab solutions at several national guard facilities later in 2020. As these national guard facilities become operational, we anticipate law enforcement training opportunities to become available.