Troysgate Situational Conditioning System (U.S. Military & National Guard)

Troysgate Situational Conditioning System (Troysgate System) is viable, highly effective and adaptable to meet a wide range of close-combat program requirements and applications. Our system is unique and completely different from anything else.

*** The Troysgate Battle Lab is now referred to as the Troysgate Situational Conditioning System (Troysgate System) ***


The key difference of the Troysgate System is the ability to create the realism of the close-combat experience and lethality of "human-on-human" conflict.

Troysgate has perfected and incorporated the capabilities into the Troysgate System to:

  • Provide a controlled, safe environment
  • Use unmodified live-fire weapons and ammunition
  • Provide real-time, "face-to-face" interaction between the warfighter and role players
  • Allow the development of unlimited close-combat deadly conflict scenario
  • Immediately immerse the warfighter into realistic, challenging close-combat scenarios
  • Reproduce the same physiological and psychological effects the warfighter would experience in actual close-combat
  • Utilize appropriate props and role player attire for the visual enhancement of the scenario
  • Utilize role player weapons firing non-lethal, Troysgate special blank loads
  • Record audio/video and provide After Action Review
  • Provide special effects and lighting to enhance the scenario experience

Troysgate Situational Conditioning System (Troysgate System)

The Troysgate System is available as:

  • Mobile pre-manufactured/pre-fabrication component on-site assembly & setup
  • Permanent-fixed ("brick & mortar") on-site construction

The illustrations below highlight the conceptual design, configuration and construction of the Troysgate System.

Mobile Close-Encounter System Component

Mobile Vehicle System Component

Mobile Sniper System Component

The Situational Conditioning Process

The situational conditioning process is controlled by Troysgate personnel. Troysgate will be responsible for providing:

  • Certified personnel (senior specialist/instructor and role players)
  • Standard safety, instrumentation and operational procedures
  • Exercise scenarios - We will work with the client to add, adjust or modify scenarios to meet the client’s goals
  • Situational Conditioning Process ** - Troysgate will establish, implement and manage the exercise scenario exposures, frequency and duration

** ** The situational conditioning process is the most important and critical part of the Troysgate System. Our process is highly specialized and must be managed by Troysgate and Troysgate support personnel. It is an exact science that requires consistent implementation and execution.

Troysgate System Breakdown Overview


Pricing & Budget Planning

Pricing Options

The pricing options below are based on the selection of the Troysgate System best suited to meet the client's requirements, specifications, goals and objectives. Considerations regarding Troysgate System selection may include client construction considerations **, budget funding, and acquisition/contract approval process.

** Construction considerations - Troysgate offers two (2) construction options:

  1. Mobile (modular) - pre-manufactured/pre-fabrication component on-site assembly and setup
  2. Permanent-fixed - complete start-to-finish on-site construction

Current pricing is available on the GSA Schedule - Mobile Troysgate Human Performance Systems - GS-07F-0205N / TROYSGATE ( ** you may have to refresh browser when on the gsaadvantage website to display the information)

Each Troysgate System is custom designed and built.

Mobile Option #1


Mobile Option #1 is the complete and comprehensive Troysgate System consisting of three (3) specialized Troysgate System Components.

  1. Close Encounter System Component - building or enclcosed structure applications
  2. Vehicle System Component - stationary or moving vehicle applications
  3. Sniper System Component (multi-purpose capabilities):
    • Sniper applications
    • Guard Checkpoint applications
    • Open Terrain applications

Mobile Option #2

Offers the combination of the Close Encounter System Component (minimum mandatory requirement) and one additional System Component.

  1. Close Encounter & Vehicle System Components $2,394,825.10
  2. Close Encounter & Sniper System Components (multi-purpose capabilities) Stages $1,535,539.55

Mobile Option #3


The minimum mandatory requirement is the

  1. Close Encounter System Component- building or enclosed structure applications

Budget Planning

The information below summarizes the client costs for the implementation and ongoing operational costs and support of the Troysgate System.

  1. GSA Schedule: Troysgate System (initial cost - ** see pricing options)
  2. GSA Schedule: Troysgate screens (reorder consumable)
  3. Personnel & Maintenance Support (separate annual contract)
  4. Miscellaneous: Troysgate special load blank ammunition (reorder consumable through Troysgate)


Delivery & Implementation


The Known Challenges

  1. Improving warfighter performance, lethality, survivability, resiliency, sustainability and preparedness (Secretary of Defense Mattis)
  2. The ability to replicate the shock, uncertainty, chaos and fear of the "close fight" (Secretary of Defense Mattis, Close-Combat Lethality Task Force and Limitations of the Training Continuum)
  3. The warfighter's mental state & outlook and its impact on mission goals and objectives
  4. The aftermath and consequences regarding warfighter close-combat engagements

1. Improving Warfighter Performance, Lethality, Survivability, Resiliency, Sustainability and Preparedness

Secretary of Defense Mattis (February 2018)

"I am committed to improving the combat preparedness, lethality, survivability and resiliency of our nation’s ground close-combat formations. These formations have historically accounted for almost 90% of our casualties and yet our personnel policies, advances in training methods and equipment have not kept pace with changes in available technology, human factors science and talent management best practices."

Challenge Accepted: Troysgate firmly believes that we are able to address the combat requirements and objective for improving performance, lethality, survivability, resiliency, sustainability & preparedness. We believe through the integration and implementation of the Troysgate System the warfighter will naturally progress, advance, improve and excel in each of these areas and attain overmatch superiority.

Troysgate's 9 years of informal testing of the Troysgate System has shown to have positive results.

The graphic representation below provides an illustration of the progression of improvement by looking at the number of participant Troysgate System situational exposures over an extended period of time. Through our experience we have determined the curriculum should consist of (6) regular participant exposures every four (4) months for a 20-month period. This is followed by three (3) exposures 1-2 times annually to sustain individual level of situational conditioning.


2. The Ability to Replicate the Shock, Uncertainty & Fear of the "Close Fight"

Secretary of Defense Mattis (February 2018)

Traditional training methods will never adequately prepare a close combat soldier for the horrific shock of his first time under fire. Secretary of Defense Mattis has said infantrymen must fight "25 bloodless battles" before they first see combat.

Close-Combat Lethality Task Force (March 2018)

A priority of the Task Force is to develop small unit simulations that replicate the shock, uncertainty, chaos and fear of the close fight.

To prevail against near-peer threats in the increasingly lethal 21st-century security environment, the United States requires a military that is dominant in close-combat fighting. (Close combat is “ground combat executed by dismounted infantry squad-sized formations carried out within line of sight of the enemy and characterized by extreme violence.”)

War will remain a violent human struggle, a "collision between two living forces," that is governed—and has always been governed—by the interplay among passion, chance and reason. This struggle will have at its core, soldiers fighting, killing and dying in close proximity to their enemies; this is the domain of the infantry.

The Established Training Continuum

  • Immersive
  • Synthetic
  • Advanced
  • Basic

The Training Continuum by design does not address and therefore does not have a solution, nor the ability to provide a solution to replicate the shock, uncertainty and fear of the "close fight" environment.

Challenge Accepted: the Troysgate Situational Conditioning System (Troysgate System) provides the capability to "replicate the shock, uncertainty, chaos and fear of the close fight." The Troysgate System solves a known limitation in the Training Continuum by providing the capstone tier for warfighter "human-on-human" engagement. It provides the realism and personal experiences specific to the warfighter to prepare and enhance combat learning. The unknown becomes the known.

We can easily establish this fact through a simple hands-on demonstration. Please contact us to arrange to visit our facility in Western North Carolina for a demonstration and to learn more about who we are and the Troysgate System.


Through the integration of the Training Continuum and the Troysgate System, we are able to help meet and satisfy the overarching requirements and objectives noted by Secretary of Defense Mattis for the improvement of warfighter performance, lethality, survivability, resiliency, sustainability & preparedness.


3. The Warfighter's Mental State & Outlook - Its Impact on Mission Goals & Objectives

It is known the mental and emotional aspects of combat and its affects on the warfighter contribute to the warfighter's:

  • Performance (immediate and long-term)
  • Effectiveness
  • Resiliency
  • Sustainability

Every warfighter to some extent is controlled by their own mental state and well-being. In combat, the warfighter's mental state can mean the difference and be a contributing factor resulting in the:

  • Loss of life
  • Ability to reach combat mission objectives

Challenge Accepted: The human mind is strong, powerful and highly advanced; it controls every thought... every action... every response. The human mind that is fully prepared and conditioned can easily achieve and master anything and everything that it has been prepared and trained to do. Through mental preparation and situational conditioning we are able to address, advance, improve and solve these issues.

4. The Aftermath & Consequences Regarding Warfighter Close-Combat Engagements


Challenge Accepted: During the 9 years of Troysgate experience, we have witnessed and observed several isolated incidents. Participants exhibited unusual behaviors when subjected to mild to moderate situational scenarios. These were more than an ordinary flashback memory, but rather a full-blown situational episodic event that took the individuals back in time to visualize and re-live their personal and traumatic reality and experience in every detail.

Troysgate was able help each participant work through their own personal issues. We later received personal participant feedback and appreciation where they indicated they were more settled, less anxious, and able to sleep much better at night.

A personal participant experience: Watch Participant Interview Video

Warfighter Opportunities

Military situational conditioning for close-combat represents the most challenging engagements. The Troysgate System provides the best warfighter situational exposure opportunities for these types of engagements.