Advanced Civilian Training

Realistic, Reality-Based Scenarios for Civilian Deadly Encounter Situations

Troysgate's advanced civilian training is unique, different, very realistic and unlike any other training system or training method; it will take the participant to the highest level of deadly conflict training possible. We will place you as the participant in highly stressful situations where you will experience what it is like to be directly involved in deadly conflict. Our training is an effective, rapid and cumulative learning and conditioning process that promotes and advances an individual's ability to manage, perform and survive a deadly conflict situation - whether at home, work or out in public.

Previous participant training and everything he/she knows including skills and levels of proficiency, weapons handling and marksmanship, communication, assessment, judgement, decision making and responses will be challenged and tested. The participant will experience and begin to learn how to best manage situational induced stress that trigger emotional, psychological and physiological effects on the human body that causes a person to "fight, flight or freeze." These are the effects that cause a person to be unable to think clearly, to hesitate or freeze up, and to do things that he/she would normally not do, or not be able to do under this type and level of stress.

Our training does not focus on firearms instruction or marksmanship and is not a class on tactical technique, rather we focus on the participant's ability to evaluate real life situations that rapidly escalate into a potentially dangerous and life threatening situations which could occur anywhere and at anytime. We will place the participant in situations and act out realistic scenarios using live role players where it will be up to the participant to assess the situation, apply the rules of deadly force according their state laws, and to decide the course of action he/she feels is justified, appropriate and applicable to survive the deadly encounter. The instructor may coach and encourage the participant as needed based on the participant's ability to engage their adversary during the training exercises. The intent and goal of each training exercise is for the participant to work through the situational stress and to continue through the exercise to build confidence and reinforce capabilities to optimize performance and further his/her mental and response conditioning.

Our Training Systems

Safe & Controlled Live-Fire Environment

Troysgate's training systems and training environment provide a safe and controlled live-fire environment that serve as the stage and backdrop for conducting live weapons fire training exercises with unlimited training scenario possibilities. Each training exercise will be carefully constructed and orchestrated placing the participant face-to-face with real role players in a challenging and intense real life situation. The instructor will accompany the participant and closely monitor the individual during the training and will only physically intervene to remedy a safety issue or concern. When training exercises advance to higher levels of complexity, a weapons safety officer maybe present and will provide weapon safety monitoring.

The Troysgate training facility is safer than most shooting ranges, and like all ranges safety protocols and procedures are no different regarding the safe handling and use of a live-fire weapon - when to make the weapon "hot", muzzle direction, trigger finger control, target acquisition and firing, and clearing the weapon; it's all about safety and being safe.

Realistic Training Exercises & Scenarios

Face-to-Face Deadly Engagements at Close Quarters

Training exercises will be conducted at close distances that are typically three to nine feet which makes it extremely real, intimate and personal for the participant. The participant will use his/her own handgun with live ammunition which will clearly establish the lethality and responsibility of his/her decisions and actions. Each training scenario will be designed to be intense, action packed and filled with suspense and unpredictibility. The realism, uncertainty and rapid dynamics of the training exercises will be developed from highly challenging reality-based situations and scenarios designed to induce and dramatically elevate the participant's stress levels and adrenline to trigger emotional, psychological and physiological effects for the purpose of allowing the participant to manage these situations and learn from his/her training experiences. Through the course of a full-day of intense training, the participant will grow and progress in many ways.... it offers the beginning of a new chapter in the learning experience.

The Training Experience

Participant Mental & Response Conditioning

Every training exercise will advance the participant's performance to become increasingly better at managing and handling situations. Through the participant's performances and interactions with role players, he/she will gain valuable experience, conditioning and confidence, and equally as important will help to establish and commit the events and details from these experiences to memory which may later serve him/her in the event of an actual deadly encounter situation. For the participant, the Troysgate Theater will most likely be his/her first encounter and experience in deadly conflict.

Troysgate training will challenge the participant to achieve and sustain superior performance levels that will leave no doubt that he/she is absolutely prepared, ready and capable of managing deadly conflict situations. The conditioned participant will be able to successfully manage high stress, volatile situations that may rapidly escalate into deadly conflict and to quickly apply rules of engagement and the decision to engage using lethal force when it is applicable and justified. Mental and response conditioning provided through Troysgate training will aid and help the participant apply and transition what he/she has learned to engage and response to deadly conflict situations with the chance of fewer accidental or wrongful injuries, deaths and other collateral damages when faced with similar situations in the real world.

Troysgate Training Schedule

Advanced Civilian Training

Troysgate Facility - Lenoir, North Carolina

Troysgate training at the Troysgate Facility in Lenoir, NC is scheduled on a Saturday (8:30 am - 3 pm) - special arrangements can be made for a group of 10 or more persons by contacting Randy Martin at 828-446-4766.

For scheduled classes posted below, we require a minimum of 6 persons to hold training. All training in Lenoir is outdoors - all are covered ranges - there are multiple training systems available for training (shoot house, vehicle stop and very close quarters).

Cost is $250 per person

December 2017

•   Saturday - December 16th, 2017   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

January 2018

•   Saturday - January 27th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

February 2018

•   Saturday - February 24th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

March 2018

•   Saturday - March 31st, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

April 2018

•   Saturday - April 28th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

May 2018

•   Saturday - May 19th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

June 2018

•   Saturday - June 23rd, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

July 2018

•   Saturday - July 28th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

August 2018

•   Saturday - August 25th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

September 2018

•   Saturday - September 29th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

October 2018

•   Saturday - October 27th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

November 2018

•   Saturday - November 17th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

December 2018

•   Saturday - December 15th, 2018   (8:30 am - 3 pm)

Class Registration

How to Register/Sign Up

Please use ONLY ONE of the registration methods below to register for a Troysgate class:
•   Online Training Registration Form
•   Email Training Registration

Class Payment

How to Pay

Cost of training is $250/person (discounted rate).
Payment will be required and collected the day of training. We currently can only accept CASH or PERSONAL CHECK. In the near future, we will have a payment option for accepting payment through PayPal.

Troysgate Online Registration Method

Please complete and submit the registration form below to register online for a Troysgate class. If you have registered using the email registration method, then you do not need to register using the online registration process.


Troysgate Email Registration Method

Please download the PDF Training Registation document below (link to document below), then print, complete, scan and attach the PDF to an email and send to Les Hoot (, the Troysgate Training Coordinator. If you have registered using the online registration method, then you do not need to register using the email registration process.

•   Troysgate Training Registration Document (PDF)

Preparation Before Arrival

What to Bring

•   Handgun and Holster
•   100 Rounds of Ammo
•   Eye and Hearing Protection (we have available if needed)
•   Hat and Sunscreen recommended
•   4 GB or larger storage capacity flash drive for class training videos (optional)

Payment for Training

Cost of training is $250/person. Please bring CASH or PERSONAL CHECK.

Overnight Lodging

If you need or plan to stay overnight, the closest and best place for lodging is the Comfort Inn, Lenoir, NC. When making reservations at the Comfort Inn, please let them know that you are there with Troysgate and Randy Martin - Randy has an arrangement with them for a special discounted rate. Also it is important to call the hotel directly when making reservations - do not book the reservation online due to the special discount. If you have any questions or issues booking a reservation, please give Randy a call at 828-446-4766.

Please Note: approximate time and mileage references below are to Cheek's Grill. We will meet everyone at Cheek's between 8:00 - 8:30 am before we head to the Troysgate training facility (Cheek's location, address, directions and map)

• Lenoir, NC (10 minutes - 5 miles)

Comfort Inn (website)
970 Blowing Rock Blvd (US 321)
Lenoir, NC

Other Nearby Lodging (15-40 minutes - 12-25 miles)

• Blowing Rock, NC (15-20 minutes - 12 miles)

Holiday Inn Express Blowing Rock South (website)
8412 Valley Blvd
Blowing Rock, NC 28605

• Boone, NC (30-35 minutes - 24 miles)

Hampton Inn & Suites Boone (website)
1252 US Highway 421 South
Boone, NC 28607
Holiday Inn Express Boone (website)
1943 Blowing Rock Rd
Boone, NC 28607

• Hickory, NC (25-30 minutes - 20 miles)

Hampton Inn Hickory (website)
1956 13th Ave Dr SE
Hickory, NC 28602
Holiday Inn Express Hickory (website)
2250 US Hwy 70 SE
Hickory, NC 28602

• Morganton, NC (30-40 minutes - 25 miles)

Hampton Inn Morganton (website)
115 Bush Dr
Morganton, NC 28655
Comfort Inn & Suites (website)
1273 Burkemont Ave
Morganton, NC 28655

The Day of Class

8:00 - 8:30 am - Meet at Cheek's Grill

Unless other arrangements are made, everyone is to meet at Cheek's Convenience & Grill - BP gas station by 8:30 am. Randy Martin or another Troysgate instructor will meet everyone at Cheek's Grill and from there everyone will head to the Troysgate range facility which is 2 miles away.

Any questions, issues or problems on the day of training, please call Randy Martin directly at 828-446-4766.

Cheek's Convenience & Grill
(about 5 miles north of Lenoir on the left at the BP gas station
2689 Blowing Rock Blvd (US 321 & NC 268)
Lenoir, NC

Map - Need Directions?

8:40 am - Arrive at Troysgate Training Facility

Please leave all weapons in your vehicle. Everyone will enter the Troysgate range building for a short briefing - introductions, collection of payment and discuss the Troysgate training environment, training and safety. The class will be split off into 2-3 groups depending on number of participants. We have three training system units and will Round Robin groups through these units.

9:30 am - Morning Session Training

Everyone will get their handgun and ammo from their vehicle and head off to with their group to their assigned training unit with their instructor. Training of the first session will begin with the first participant and the next participant will follow after the previous participant's training exercises have been completed. This process will continue until all participants in the group have gone through the first training session. We will repeat the same process for the second training session and so on. Participants will not be allowed to watch or take photos/videos of other participants during the training exercises. Troysgate may have a staff person available to take photos and videos.

12 Noon - Lunch Break

We will break for lunch which will be provided by Troysgate... we generally grill hot dogs and hamburgers, cole slaw, chips, cookies and drinks. If the weather doesn't cooperate, then we will order out for pizza or sandwiches. If you prefer you may bring your own lunch and snacks; however, if your food needs to be kept cold, you will need to bring a small cooler.

12:30 pm - Afternoon Session Training

Groups will Round Robin to another training unit.

3:00 pm - Conclusion - Debrief & Questions

We will wrap up the day will a short debrief group discussion and answer questions before participants head out and back home.

Media Gallery

The Media Gallery Section includes:
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•   Troysgate Informational Videos - Troysgate concepts, training system and training methodology
•   Class Videos - selected class videos
•   Feedback & Testimonimals - comments from class participants and other visitors

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Trigger Magazine Article (July 2015)

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Feedback & Testimonials

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!

Yesterday's training was truly transformational and life-changing for me. Thank you for your dedication and your commitment to your mission. Thank you for the long hours that you have devoted to your profession, the incalculable sacrifices that you and your families have made, and for making the decision to offer your training to civilians like me. I can tell you candidly that it has been one of the most profoundly moving experiences I've ever had.

Bill (Butch) Watkins, VA
Class Participant - 4/29/17

Troysgate Informational Videos

Proof of Concept (Remastered 3/12/17)

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Troysgate Theater Anatomy

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Evolution of Training

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