Protecting the Religious Sanctuary

Visitor's to our security web space have come to us looking for answers, guidance, assistance and our expertise regarding security at their place of worship. We most certainly can help establish and strengthen security. We have been proactive in helping churches and synagogues with security policies and programs, and providing security team training that is highly effective, efficient and responsive in handling any dangerous situation. Our purpose and goal is to evaluate and strengthen the physical security at the place of worship, and train a security team to provide the security and protection that will be needed.

Consultation & Training

Addressing Security Issues & Concerns

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is free. During the consultation we learn about your church or synagogue, the security you currently have in place, what issues or concerns you may have, and what are your expectations, goals and objectives. This will give us a good starting point to help put together the best security solutions and options.

The best security plan is only as good as the weakest vulnerability.

On-site Visit

The next step is the on-site visit to meet, take a walk through of the church or synagogue, and to discuss the options and solutions. During the visit, we normally conduct a security assessment and review security guidelines, policies and programs.

Our Proposal

After our vist we will prepare our proposal to include a comprehensive report with our recommendations and costs. Some of the critical areas of concerns will be to provide:

•   Additional steps to strengthen and tighten physical security of the church or synagogue and other buildings.
•   Security team advanced training.

Consultation and training to address the:
•   Clergy and staff on how to handle and manage issues during business and non-business hours of operation.
•   Sunday School and children to keep them safe.
•   Congregation on what members should do in the event of an incident.
•   Do's & Don'ts when police and other first responders arrive.

Making Arrangements

Coordination & Scheduling

Contact Randy Martin directly by calling 828-446-4766 to:
•   Make initial contact inquiry
•   Schedule the initial consultation
•   Address questions regarding the proposal
•   Arrange and schedule consultations and training

Security team advanced training will be conducted at the Troysgate facility in Lenoir, NC. We will generally post a training day for at least one Saturday each month (refer - Training Calendar). Please use the online registration process to register and sign up for this training. For questions, please contact Les Hoot, Troysgate Training Coordinator at