Goals & Requirements

U.S. Military and Federal Government

A clear objective, goal and mission of the U.S. military and federal government calls for the protection of our interests and assets from foreign or domestic threats. Training plays a critical and important role in the preparedness and readiness of our armed forces and federal agents and their ability to engage and respond effectively to these threats. Troysgate offers a unique approach and methodology to a wide range of training applications and solutions that address existing and future training requirements. We firmly believe that our training solutions address a hidden or undiscovered training requirement that has been missed or overlooked, or a known training requirement that until now has been without a known or viable solution.

Deployment Ready... COMBAT READY?

Our theater systems solutions are very simplistic and straightforward; however, what may appear or seem obvious, is not. Troysgate Theater Systems must be seen and experienced, first hand, by the decision makers in order to be fully recognized and validated as a necessary training solution with unlimited possibilities and a tremendous value that no other training system is capable of offering, providing and acheiving. For the U.S. military and federal government, existing combat related or deadly conflict training programs without the consideration of the Troysgate Theater Systems and training methodology will be truly missing one of the most crucial and important components in the implementation of these types of training programs.

All we ask is to give us an opportunity to...

• Talk to us about your training objectives, goals and requirements, and
• Invite you to take a serious look at the Troysgate Theater Systems and what we have to offer

After seeing what Troysgate has to offer, we are confident that our theater systems and training methodogy will far exceed the training expectations and requirements of the U.S. military and federal government. We have been diligently working with the U.S. military and federal government agencies at the highest levels to help to establish new training requirements, so that Troysgate training solutions can be made available where they are needed.

Challenges of Combat Training

Replicating Realistic Live-Fire Combat Situations

The training challenges for being prepared and ready for combat deployment are endless and forever changing. Any training program or training system is only as effective as the capability of the training environment and the intended goals and objectives. When it comes to training, what has elluded and limited any training solution has been the inability to replicate realistic deadly conflict.

"There are numerous training systems and applications that do a very good job at what they have been designed to accomplish, but there is absolutely nothing that is available today - right now - that comes close to what the Troysgate Theater Systems are capable of accomplishing."

What are the advantages of Troysgate Theater Systems?

Troysgate Theater Systems:

• Provide a complete training solution environment.
• Are available as permanent, semi-permanent, modular, prefab and mobile/portable theater systems.
• Can be configured to meet and accommodate a wide-range of training applications and solutions.
• Offer unlimited realistic training scenarios and situations with shoot / no shoot outcomes.
• Provide complete ballistic containment (AR-500 steel and ballistic rubber) that does not require additional ballistic measures.
• Can be transported and implemented anywhere and in any environment.
• Enable rapid deployment capability with low/minimal maintenance and support.
• Condition the soldier/agent for deadly conflict with absolute maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
• Show early field results of threat elimination without secondary collateral damages and unintended consequences.
• Appear to offer some level of conditioning against PTSD and related issues related to combat/deadly encounter experiences.
• Standard configurations are designed to accommodate up to 4 soldiers/agents simultaneously.

How realistic are Troysgate Theater Systems?

Troysgate Theater Systems:

• Have a unique design that immediately draws the soldier/agent into a real-time, live, unavoidable training scenario.
• Place the soldier/agent in very close quarters (as close as 3 feet) of an actual human role player.
• Create the realistic and convincing illusion of face-to-face deadly engagements at close quarters.
• Permit the use of unmodified duty weapons and ammunition (handgun and rifle up to .50 cal)
• Replicate the psycological and physiological effects on the individual he/she would experience in actual combat/deadly conflict.
• Rely on the dynamic and unpredictable actions and reponses of the role player which cannot be second guessed or "gamed."

Trainability Requirements

Meeting Program and Transitional Requirements

Troysgate Theater Systems are the only training solution on the market that replicates realistic and convincing combat situations and scenarios. Our theater systems build a strong case as alternatives and intermediate transtions to training requirements and solutions expected by 2025.

Troysgate Theater Systems appear to be "on-target" regarding several of the U.S. Army future forces focus areas, and address, meet and support several trainability requirements within the:

• Huachuca Training and Support Contract (HTASC)
• Enterprise Training Service Contract (ETSC)
• Life Cycle Product-line Management (LCPM)

U.S. Military

Troysgate Military Training Availability

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U.S. Federal Government

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