Goals & Requirements

U.S. Law Enforcement

A clear objective, goal and mission of the U.S. law enforcement calls for the protection of our communities and the general public at large. Training plays a critical and important role in the preparedness and readiness of our law enforcement officers and their ability to engage and respond effectively in deadly encounter situations. Troysgate offers law enforcement a new unique training approach that provides a wide range of training applications and solutions that address existing and future training requirements. We firmly believe that our training solutions address a hidden or undiscovered training requirement that has been missed or overlooked, or a known training requirement that until now has been without a known or viable solution.


Troysgate training solutions are very simpllistic and straightforward; however, what may appear or seem obvious, is not. Troysgate Theater Systems must be seen and experienced, first hand, by the decision makers in order to be fully recognized and validated as a necessary training solution with unlimited possibilities and a tremendous value that no other training system is capable of offering, providing and acheiving. For law enforcement, existing training programs without the consideration of the Troysgate Theater Systems and training methodology will truly be missing one of the most crucial and important components in the implementation of these types of training programs.

All we ask is to give us an opportunity to...

• Talk to us about your training objectives, goals and requirements, and
• Invite you to take a serious look at the Troysgate Theater Systems and what we have to offer

After seeing what Troysgate has to offer, we are confident that our training systems and training methodogy will far exceed the training expectations and requirements of law enforcement.

Challenges of Deadly Encounter Training

Replicating Realistic Live-Fire Deadly Encounter Situations

The training challenges for being prepared and ready for deadly conflict are endless and forever changing. Any training program or training system is only as effective as the capability of the training environment and the intended goals and objectives. When it comes to training, what has elluded and limited any training solution has been the inability to replicate realistic deadly conflict.

"There are numerous training systems and applications that do a very good job at what they have been designed to accomplish, but there is absolutely nothing that is available today - right now - that comes close to what the Troysgate Theater Systems are capable of accomplishing."

What are the advantages of Troysgate Theater Systems?

Troysgate Theater Systems:

• Have been designed to be effective, safe and affordable to law enforcement.
• Provide a complete training solution environment.
• Are modular, mobile and portable.
• Can be configured to meet and accommodate a wide-range of training applications and solutions.
• Offer unlimited realistic training scenarios and situations with shoot / no shoot outcomes.
• Provide ballistic protection (AR steel and ballistic rubber) - requires additional ballistic containment (i.e. dirt berms).
• Are primarily designed for outdoor range facilities.
• Enable rapid implementation capability with low/minimal maintenance and support.
• Condition the LEO for deadly encounters with absolute maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
• Show early field results of threat elimination without secondary collateral damages and unintended consequences.
• Appear to offer some level of conditioning against PTSD and related issues related to deadly encounter experiences.
• Standard configurations are designed to accommodate up to 4 LEO's simultaneously.
• Can be entirely supported utilizing in-house instructors, LEO's and staff.

How realistic are Troysgate Theater Systems?

Troysgate Theater Systems:

• Have a unique design that immediately draws the LEO into a real-time, live, unavoidable training scenario.
• Place the LEO in very close quarters (as close as 3 feet) of an actual human role player.
• Create the realistic and convincing illusion of face-to-face deadly engagements at close quarters.
• Permit the use of unmodified duty weapons and ammunition (handgun and rifle up to .50 cal)
• Replicate the psycological and physiological effects on the individual the he/she would experience in actual deadly encounter.
• Rely on the dynamic and unpredictable actions and reponses of the role player which cannot be second guessed or "gamed."

Effective Face-to-Face Deadly Encounter Training

Coordination & Synchronization of Mental & Physical Abilities

Troysgate Theater Systems training exercises are conducted at close distances that are typically three to nine feet which makes it extremely real, intimate and personal for the LEO. The LEO is immersed in realistic training scenarios using live role players where the LEO must assess each situation, apply the rules of deadly force, and decide the course of action he/she feels is justified, appropriate and applicable to stop the immediate threat. The realism, uncertainty and rapid dynamics of the training exercises create highly challenging, reality-based situations and scenarios that induce and dramatically elevate stress levels and adrenaline. The immediate and intense situational involvement trigger emotional, psychological and physiological effects that the LEO must effectively manage and quickly respond to. Every training exposure challenges the LEO and reinforces his/her training and learning experiences resulting in sustained superior performance levels that will leave no doubt that he/she is absolutely prepared, ready and capable of managing deadly conflict situations. Continued mental and response conditioning ensures that the LEO will always have the advantage to quickly apply and transition what he/she has learned to effectively engage and response to deadly conflict situations, and this method of training should reduce unintended collateral damages and consequences when the LEO is faced with similar real world situations.

Troysgate Theater Systems Solutions

highly specialized & customized training environment

Troysgate is the exclusive provider of the Troysgate Theater Systems incorporating a patented live-fire system, apparatus and training methodology into unique and highly effective deadly conflict training solutions at close quarters. Training solutions offer and provide a wide range of training applications with unlimited possibilities, and can be easily customized to meet specific specifications and requirements. Our training systems have been carefully designed, developed and thoroughly tested by LEO's, SWAT and administrators at our Troysgate R&D facility in North Carolina.

Troysgate Theater Systems Brochure & Drawings
Law Enforcement (2017) - PDF

Troysgate Theater Containerized Systems

Modular / Portable Solutions for Law Enforcement

Troysgate's approach in the design of Troysgate Theater Systems is unique and non-conventional, having evolved over several years to maximize the training experience and its effectiveness, and incorporate specialized tactical applications of the system that have been driven by customer client specifications and requirements. Using high quality 20 foot commercial CONEX containers, Troysgate is able to customized and provide a safe, live-fire tactical training environment that provides ballistic protection using AR-500 steel and high grade ballistic rubber. The use of containers allows flexibility in the design and application possibilities while providing a standardized and consistent manufacturing process that meets and achieves Troysgate's product design, safety and quality standards. The modular design and the mobility and portability of these training systems do not require extensive site preparation. The delivery and installation can be accomplished quickly using a commercial forklift or crane, and training can be implemented almost immediately.

Cost Effective Troysgate Theater Systems

LE Troysgate Theater Systems:

Our goal and objective is to provide effective deadly conflict training solutions that are cost effective and affordable to law enforcement. Troysgate understands and realizes law enforcement budgets are generally constrained and limited, so our approach was to scale down and modify the training systems developed for the U.S. military while retaining their full effectiveness to achieve low cost solutions.

Significant cost reductions are gained and realized by utilizing:

• Smaller training systems footprint that accommodates small range facilities intended for outdoor sites where existing ballistic containment (i.e. dirt berms) has been established.
• Streamlining the high-end features, capabilities and "bells and whistles" of the military systems while retaining the necessary important capabilities and features.
• Readily available, low cost commercial After Action Review (AAR) system packages for LEO debriefing purposes and video recording for liability concerns.

LE Container Solution Diagrams

Select picture for enlarged view.


Standard implementation

• Container Configuration: 1 or 2 - 20 foot containers
• Modified Live-Fire Engagement Container - ballistic containment barriers (AR-500 steel and ballistic rubber panels)
• Endcap Screen Enclosure - utilizes dirt berm for bullet trap and ballistic containment
• Role Player Container - non-ballistic containment
• Exterior Entrances
• Proprietary Reflective Screens - Level 2 Handgun or Level 5 Rifle Rated
• Commercial After Action Review (AAR) System
• Assisted Fan-driven Natural Air Ventilation
• Emergency Trauma Kit & AED Equipment
• Safety Barricades & Safety Mats
• Intercom or Hand-Held Walkie Talkies
• Certified Instructor (Director) Training
• Licensing

Assistance & Support

Supporting Law Enforcement

Troysgate is committed to provide efficient, effective and timely assistance and support to meet the needs and demands of law enforcement. Below are "Quick Help" topics - all contact links take you to contact information for the CEO and Exec VP who wish to be first line point-of-contacts.

Questions & Information

Requesting or Scheduling a Demo - Visit the Troysgate R&D facility to experience the Troysgate Theater Systems and learn more about what we have to offer.

Determining the Right Training Solution - We will assist you with your training specifications and requirements to develop the best possible Troysgate Theater Systems solutions, and provide you with cost estimates.

Troysgate Theater Systems:

On-site Problems or Issues - We will assist you with anything regarding our training systems environment, AAR system and reflective screens.

Getting More Reflective Screens - We will assist you with information on pricing and quantities, ordering, payment methods and shipping & delivery.

Sales - Purchase - Contracts:

Purchasing & Leasing - We will assist you with purchase and lease options, and work with you to develop a statement of work and contract agreement.


Where to Get Training - We can connect you with training centers offering Troysgate Theater Systems training opportunities.

Training Support - We can arrange and provide on-site, full-time & part-time support of Troysgate certified trainers and role players.

Train-the-Trainer Training - We can arrange and provide law enforcement in-house instructor, trainer and role player training at the Troysgate R&D facility.

Troysgate Patents

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Training Methodology

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Physical Structures & Ballistic Containment

• Ballistic Containment Structure
• Non-Containment Structure
• Modification to Existing Range Facility Structure
• Modular/Portable Ballistic Containment (Ballistic Fiberglass)
• Permanent Ballistic Containment (Steel, Rubber and Concrete)