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The Realism, Feeling & Experience of Close-Combat

Troysgate is leading the way in providing unique approaches, methods, applications and solutions for bringing the realism and the true feeling of the close-combat "battlefield" and the deadly conflict experience to U.S. military ground forces. Troysgate understands the fundamentals and science of deadly conflict. We have a very unique perspective and specialization of knowledge, understanding and expertise regarding the science of human deadly conflict; its effects, challenges and the issues, problems and consequences of deadly engagement. Our mission and quest has lead us to continue to strive to seek the truth - to determine, understand and focus on the importance and significance with respect to "The Why" associated with human deadly engagement.

From our initial concept, discovery and ability to replicate, real life, deadly conflict situations in a controlled environment, we realized the magic and forceful effects of a close quarters deadly encounter is the close personal, intimate, experience and profound impact of the realism, reality and consequences on the individual. As we continued to strive to look deeper to advance our knowledge and understanding, we have been reminded through our observations of the significant training challenges, limitations and the inability to adequately prepare the warfighter for close-combat and engagement - they simply are not fully prepared. It has always been apparent to us that something is missing which suggests there existing training gaps have not been realized, or where discoveries to new methods have not been made available. Troysgate has discovered there is a universal lack of knowledge and understanding regarding deadly conflict, and the personal experience and "ownership" of the consequences of an event. Through extensive and ongoing human exposure and testing, Troysgate has concluded there are additional elements that should be addressed in the preparation of the warfighter for close-combat to include human exposure and experience of close-combat, the ability to manage the physiological and psychological effects, and mental conditioning to optimize human performance.

After years of research, development and discovery, Troysgate has taken a single idea and concept, established proof-of-concept, developed, tested and finalized viable methods, and established production capabilities to produce safe and controlled environments to address the challenges, practical applications and solutions, the realism and reality of the "battlefield" experience and its unique effects on the human state of mind and mental conditioning, and methods for optimizing human performance to achieve undeniable, Combat Ready, Warfighter Overmatch Superiority.

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Randy W. Martin

Les Hoot

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Training & Lodging Accommodations

Making Arrangements & Planning Where to Stay

Training Information

Please contact us for information regarding training, to make arrangements and to schedule training. Contact us by email, or use our messaging form, or by calling Randy Martin at 828-446-4766

Accommodations & Lodging Information

Overnight Lodging - Lenoir, NC

When planning to stay overnight, the best places for lodging are the (1) Hampton Inn and the (2) Comfort Inn located in Lenoir, NC. When making reservations at either hotel, please be sure to call the hotel directly to receive the Troysgate Discount (do not book reservation online or you will not get the discount rate.) If you have any questions or issues booking a reservation, please give Randy a call at 828-446-4766.

Hampton Inn (website)
• 262 Hotel St., SE
• Lenoir, NC 28645
• 828-758-7664

Comfort Inn (website)
• 970 Blowing Rock Blvd (US 321)
• Lenoir, NC 28645
• 828-754-2090

Nearby Lodging (15-40 Mintues from Lenoir)

Blowing Rock, NC (15-25 Minutes)

Holiday Inn Express Blowing Rock South (website)
• 8412 Valley Blvd
• Blowing Rock, NC 28605
• 828-295-4422

Boone, NC (25-35 Minutes)

Hampton Inn & Suites Boone (website)
• 1252 US Highway 421 South
• Boone, NC 28607
• 828-386-6464

Holiday Inn Express Boone (website)
• 1943 Blowing Rock Rd
• Boone, NC 28607
• 828-264-2451

• Hickory, NC (25-35 Minutes)

Hampton Inn Hickory (website)
• 1956 13th Ave Dr SE
• Hickory, NC 28602
• 828-624-2000

Holiday Inn Express Hickory (website)
• 2250 US Hwy 70 SE
• Hickory, NC 28602
• 828-328-2081

• Morgantown, NC (30-40 Minutes)

Hampton Inn Morganton (website)
• 115 Bush Dr
• Morganton, NC 28655
• 828-432-2000

Comfort Inn & Suites (website)
• 1273 Burkemont Ave
• Morganton, NC 28655
• 828-430-4000