Troysgate Civilian Opportunities

The Troysgate civilian program offers unique opportunities where we provide challenging, realistic, civilian oriented, deadly encounter situations and engagements. Through the implementation of the Troysgate Situational Conditioning System (Troysgate System) we have the capability to create deadly encounter situations that are applicable to the civilian, so that the participant is able to learn and understand the event, see and feel what it is like, and gain the personal experience. The participant will be exposed to 6-8 highly challenging civilian situational deadly encounters where she/he will be face-to-face with one or more adversaries at very close distances. The Troysgate System experience will test and challenge everything the participant knows, as well as their skills and abilities - weapons handling and marksmanship, communication, assessment, judgement, decision making and responses.

Our program will advance the participant to the highest level of civilian situational deadly conflict encounters available today; there is nothing else in existence today that comes close to what we have. Our program is designed to be an ongoing process where subsequent situational exposures build on previous exposure experiences where each new situational exposure is gradually and increasingly more challenging to further the situational conditioning process and improve participant decision-making, performance, precision and response.

Arrangements & Scheduling

Our civilian program is conducted on a case-by-case basis. Arrangements can be made for a group of 10-16 persons by contacting Randy Martin at 828-446-4766. Special arrangements are possible for a small group of people... contact Randy to discuss.

  • Troysgate training is usually scheduled on a Saturday (9 am - 3 pm)
  • Special arrangements can be made for a group of 10-16 persons by contacting Randy Martin at 828-446-4766
  • We require a minimum of 6 persons to arrange/schedule a class. However, we maybe able accommodate a smaller group on a case-by-case basis.
  • Training is outdoors (covered ranges) - shoot house, vehicle stop and very close quarters training applications
  • Lunch provided at no additional cost (we generally grill hamburgers and hot dogs) - bottled water and sodas available

What to Bring

  • Handgun and Holster
  • 100 Rounds of Ammo
  • Eye and Hearing Protection (we have available if needed)

Signing Up

After making arrangements, at least one person in the group should sign up by contacting Randy Martin, The sign up information we require must include the complete contact information for at least one person in the group and the names of each person that will be attending training.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Names of people that will be attending training

If your group is traveling a long distance and need to stay overnight, please contact Randy Martin for lodging accommodation information.